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Thread needs solution
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I am having a major problem with Acronis - it keeps filling my appdata/local/temp directory with files (about 250MB each) until the Hard drive is full. I have uininstalled and reinstalled Acronis, and the backup is working fine according to the Log, but still the DemonData swapfiles keep on coming (one every 2 minutes)! I googled "DemonData" and it seems I am not alone with the problem, but amazingly if you search the Knowledge Base for DemonData, you get nothing! Anybody have a solution?

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 Hello all,

Thank you for contacting us.


These files should be deleted after the backup operation completion. It looks like that something locks the files.

Are you able to remove the files by means of Windows Explorer?

Also, to help us to find the exact reason please do  the following:

Please download Process Explorer from Sysinternals, launch the utility -> Find -> Find Handle or DLL -> enter the file name -> Search 

The utility should show the process that prevents the file from deletion. 

Please let us know the results. 

Thank you.

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Acronis - I just bought your product yesterday at the urging and recommendation of Best Buy and I am super pissed off! The fact that continue to allow the DemonData files to disrupt and corrupt my computer (and others) is unacceptable. Whatever process you are mentioning that is supposed to stop the loading of demondata files, is absolutely not working. Unless you find a way to resolve this and let the community know what you are doing to fix it, I (and I'm sure many other customers) will look elsewhere for software and solutions that will backup our systems without introducing aggressive, malicious, applications that are disruptive to our computers. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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Hello gregt,

thank you for your posting.

As it was said above, these temp files are created during backup and it is designed behavior.

After successful backup completion these files should be deleted. If it doesn't happen then files are locked by any other process.

It doesn't automatically mean that the process that locks demondata.swapfile.dat files is Acronis process.

In any case the situation should be investigated and we will be glad to help you.

Can you please send me your serial number in a PM so that I can create a support case for you? 

Thank you.

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I am having the same problem with the DemonData.swapFile's not being automatically deleted and using up the entire free space on the C drive.  I deleted these files and then started the latest version of TrueImage 2021 and got an error message and submitted a report on this.

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Joe, welcome to these public User Forums.

If you have ATI 2021 then I would recommend that you open a topic in the ATI 2021 Forum rather than in this forum for obsolete very old versions of ATI (2014 and earlier).

I have not seen anyone else reporting this issue in any of the recent versions of ATI (2016 through 2021) other than this topic from 2012 / 2014 which you have caused to be resurfaced in the forums!