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disk not supported error

Thread needs solution
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I am trying to use disk director 11 but it says that my disk setup is not supported. I get the error message that dynamic disks, ez drives etc is not supported.

I checked in disk management that the drive is basic gpt. I have backup so I was considering deleting the drive, partitioning with dd then recovery but I don't know if that will make the backup fail. 

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Donald, Disk Director 11.0 is now pretty old - the copyright in the associated user guide is from 2010 and the most recent OS version was Windows 7.

Even the more recent Disk Director 12.5 is some years old now too!

What version of Windows are you using here?

What version of True Image are you using to make any Backup image to use for Recovery?

Your signature shows ATI 2013 which again only supported up to Windows 7.