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Dual booting W7 and W10

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Hi.. I have TI 2014 installed and running perfectly on my Win 7 pro system. I've set up both a boot CD and have it set to run pre-boot by pressing F11. I've had no issues with it at all and it's saved my butt many times over the years.

Question is if I set up my PC to dual boot to Win 10 pro on a second drive how will that effect my ability, if need be, to boot to the TI pre-boot interface if I need it after the Win 10 install?

Also if I decide to keep Win 10 on its own and upgrade my Win 7 to 10 will I still be able to run the 2014 version or will I need to upgrade to a newer version of TI?



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H, welcome to these public User Forums.

Installing Windows 10 to a second disk drive should not cause any issues with Acronis Startup Recovery Manager (F11 on boot) but if it did, you could re-enable it again from the Windows 7 ATI 2014 application.

You could also backup the Windows 10 disk from Windows 7 using ATI 2014.

If you decide to go alone with Windows 10, then that can be more of a challenge with removing Windows 7 and leaving Windows 10 still able to boot correctly - this is because both copies of Windows will be using the Windows 7 boot manager / boot configuration.

One possible option would be to do the Windows 10 install initially with the Windows 7 disk disconnected, so that it is installed on its own, and thus creates its own separate BCD and Boot Manager setup.  Once you have the new OS working as you want it, then you could reconnect the Windows 7 disk, then use the BIOS Boot override menu to select which one to boot from.