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E-Mail notifications fails

Thread needs solution
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I've set up all my backup jobs to send an email notification for various situations. For unknown reasons however, this stopped somewhere with a TI2014 update.

After updating to TI2015 I hoped to get this back running to no avail so far.

I've entered exactly the same email configuration and password as I've used in Mozilla Thunderbird.
Used a smtp server, TLS encryption, Port 465 and it does not matter if I'm using a POP3 server or not.

When trying to send a test message TI tries to send out this message for about 1 minute or so and stops with error (I've seen others, too):
More information about this error and solutions may be available online in the Acronis Knowledge Base.
To access the online resource manually, enter the event code at:
Event code: 0x0064022B+0x0000FFF0+0x80070004

I've already disabled my GDATA firewall, Windows firewall is of course off, too. No chance either!

Any tips how to get this running?


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Perhaps Acronis will respond but it appears the only change needed is to change setting within the TI task notification setting so it is TLS and 587,
or perhaps 587 and SSL.
Nothing needs to be changed within your email or computer--only the TI task setting.

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Thanks for your reply!

Indeed TLS and Port 587 works perfectly well! Strange, however, that TI defaults to Port 465, though.

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I was looking high and low for this answer. I have several clients that use Acronis backup software. All of a sudden several weeks ago, everyone stopped sending email out. The only thing I can figure is that something changed in the SSL protocol that broke the acronis programs. (All my email programs and clients still work with port 465 SSL).
After banging my head against the keyboard and stirring up a window of digital frenzy with my email server administrator, this post solved my issue.
Funny though when you select "TLS" the port get flipped back to 465 and I have to manually reset it back to 587.

Thanks for sharing your solution to my problem!!


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I also am having a problem.
My email notifications were working just fine, and all of a sudden, earlier today, they stopped working. I have made no changes that I am aware of that might explain this.
Attached, are a couple of screen shots. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Ryan A. Miller

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Regarding my last post above:

As it turns out... when you create a new email account, which I did specifically for ATI to use to send me email notifications, you actually need to sign into that new account at least once in order for it to allow you to keep sending email through it! Evidently that was my problem. Sadly on my part, it took me having to talk to Acronis Support, which the guy kindly asked if I had even signed into the account yet. I guess I was supposed to do that! Ooops!!