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Echo Server bootable CD doesn't boot anymore

Thread needs solution
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Hi all,

I have an old version of Acronis true image.

Years ago I burnt a bootable CD with Echo server.

Now I wanted to clone my disk, put my CD in my drive and reboot my windows 10 laptop but nothing happens.

The laptop normally reboot without any feeling of the CD...

Maybe I have to copy that CD into a DVD?

I used that CD without any problem until windows 7, maybe windows 10 does not recognize acronis Echo svr bootable CD?

thanks for helping


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Hello marco,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

Please refer to this article and scroll it down to How to boot from CD or DVD bootable media:

The laptop normally reboot without any feeling of the CD...

Did you create the CD on that laptop? Since Acronis True Image Echo is very old software, its bootable CD outdated - it simply does not include drivers for modern hardware.

If the CD has been created for your old laptop and successfully recognizes the hardware, please follow this guide on cloning a disk (Cloning from Acronis Bootable Media part):

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Hi Maria and thank you for your reply

I installed my old version on my new win10 laptop successfully (it seems at least...)

Then, I burned the ISO file on another PC (since mine has not a DVD writer....)

No errors in installations or ISO creation

In attachment you can see what I choose to create ISO bootable media

Only I have now a terrible doubt: if I recall, I used that ISO bootable CD when I wanted to clone my main disk, following this procedure:

  1. shutdown of the PC
  2. insert the bootable CD into the drive and start the PC from bootable CD
  3. the procedure of cloning started and I created my clone


is it the correct procedure to clone the main disk, right?


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Please see KB 56634: Acronis True Image: how to clone a disk - and review the step by step guide given there.

Note: the first section of the above KB document directs laptop users to KB 2931: How to clone a laptop hard drive - and has the following paragraph:

It is recommended to put the new drive in the laptop first, and connect the old drive via USB. Otherwise you will may not be able to boot from the new cloned drive, as Acronis True Image will apply a bootability fix to the new disk and adjust the boot settings of the target drive to boot from USB. If the new disk is inside the laptop, the boot settings will be automatically adjusted to boot from internal disk. As such, hard disk bays cannot be used for target disks. For example, if you have a target hard disk (i.e. the new disk to which you clone, and from which you intend to boot the machine) in a bay, and not physically inside the laptop, the target hard disk will be unbootable after the cloning.

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thanks Steve, will do!