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Emergency backup

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Acronis True Image 2017 build 8058

Looks like Norton update rendered our laptop unstartable--no POST.  Backups are not very recent.  I need to use Acronis or similar to not only restore the disk, but backup files now on the computer.  Not seeing that option.  Would the WinPE option allow this?  Maybe a Linux USB image?

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J JR, if you are not seeing any POST messages, then that sounds more serious than just not being able to start Windows.

I would suggest trying to get into the BIOS on the laptop and if you can, try resetting the BIOS settings to defaults (normally offered on the same panel where you can save or discard any changes).  Check what your BIOS boot device setting is before doing the reset.

Before being able to either backup any files from the laptop, or recovering from any backup image, you need to know what type of disk drive is installed in the laptop, and whether this can be accessed either directly in the laptop, or by connecting the drive to another PC, where the latter will need some type of adapter?