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Endless swapping of Backup Volumes with no recovery

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I have just made a disk image using TI Home 2009, and am trying to restore it.  The backup used 2 DVDs.  At restore time, the program keeps having me swap from Volume 1 to Volume 2, and back again, and again, and again.    I am unable to use the backup.  What did I do wrong?

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It's hard to say. The joke is that before you get a multi-DVD image restored you will wear out the tray on the drive. However, this is usually for archives that are at least 3 or 4 disks.

Do you feel it is making no progress whatsoever? I'm not certain how you can really tell though.

Experienced TI users will tell you the best media to use for archives is a HD - external for off-line storage.

You might try defragging your HD before making the image - there have been some reports that this helps but I have no personal experience. I only use HDs.


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I tried to backup a small partition (5 GB) to DVD discs as a test to see if it would work.

The backup seemed to run fine, about half as fast as backing to a hard disc.

I gave up on verify as it was saying the verify would take hours.

Searching the backup produced the endless disc swapping you mention.

It was a good idea to try but the result was a waste of time and two discs.





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If you have room on an internal or external drive, copy the image files from the DVDs to the drive and then try restoring from there.

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It's sort of like this, ATI backs up by streaming sectors. Restoring, it looks for files, which thus might be spread all across the backup. If the backup is spread across disk then many of the files might be also.

So restoring with a spread bckup can mean seemingly endless diskswapping throughout the restore process, making optical disks impractical for most intents and purposes if the backu is bigger than one optical disk.

The relief is as advised above, copy all of the backup onto one disk (internal or external hdisk) and then restore it.

Surer relief is to get one or more external drives to use solely for backups, you can get huge ones very cheaply these days, as cheaply as one terabyte for a c-note is you shop around.