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Error message Backup cannot be consolidated

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I have the 2014 version and have created a new backup because my old backups displayed error messages. Although I deleted all old backups, every time my new backup shows me that it cannot be consolidated because older backup files cannot be found. Now I have found that there is an archive in which old backup files are stored, even if they no longer exist. However, I haven't found a way to delete them. I'm looking for a way to reset Acronis True Image to start from scratch so that it doesn't look for older files anymore.

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There are several options that you may be able to use for this scenario:

  • Try doing a validation for the backup task giving the errors, and each time an error message is shown, take the Ignore option if offered, otherwise take the Cancel option.
  • Make a note of the backup task settings then use the Delete option to remove just the task settings from the main ATI 2014 panel list (leaving the files in place).
    Then use the option to 'Add existing backup' to select the most recent backup file and add the task back again.  You will need to 'Reconfigure' the task settings again before you can run the task.
  • Do a normal uninstall of ATI 2014 via the Windows Control Panel, then run the Acronis Cleanup Tool to remove all associated data - restart Windows then do a clean install of ATI 2014 again and create new backup tasks.
    Note: if you have Windows 10, then you are likely to be prevented from installing ATI 2014 by the Windows Program Compatibility feature as this version is deemed to be not compatible with the OS!