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Error Occurred While Writing the File

Thread needs solution
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For a host of reasons, I had to re-create my backups from scratch.  

I do both a data and a disk image backup.  Both are incremental.

Today, the disk image backup started throwing off the error message noted in the subject. 

I have looked at this previous forum topic,

My NAS is connected via ethernet through my router. There have been no issues of this kind in the past. The data backup ran fine yesterday,.

I deleted the backup files and settings to start fresh on the disk image.

The backup creates a file called \\192..........\NAS_Public\Disk Image\Disk Image\Disk Image_full_b4_s1_v1 which is as it should be.

What's happening is that the backup is ticking along then, for some reason I can't determine, it creates a new version _v2.  Then it's creating another version _v3.  

It's as it's creating these different versions that it finally throws off the error message. But it has obviously been writing to the disk previously in the session.  

Using TrueImage 2014 on a Windows 7 Pro system. 

Thank you.

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Robert, the logs for your backup task to the NAS should provide more information on the detail of the error(s) being encountered when writing the backup file to the NAS drive.

I would recommend using any diagnostic utilities provided by your NAS to check the integrity of the NAS drive(s).  The _v1, v2, v3 etc are all indications that an error has been encountered by the task and the backup has needed to be restarted due to the error.

You may also want to modify the Error Handling options for your backup task so that you are informed immediately when errors are being encountered rather than these being hidden because of silent mode being used.