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Error: Target drive is running out of space, but it's NOT!

Thread needs solution
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I get this message on a partition backup.

Cannot perform this operation in quiet mode. (0x103F1)
Tag = 0x1D8EAB676A3F6BAA
Target drive is running out of space. (0x4001D)
Tag = 0x1D8EAB676A3F6BAB

Target drive is 2TB.
Available space is > 780 GB
Average differential backup size is only about 5-6 GB. It works fine 2 or 3 days a week, fails, 2 or 3 days a week.

Notification is set at 100GB

Why is it giving me this error?

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What is your backup scheme? What is the size of a full backup?

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As MVP Pat L as indicated, the size limit could be an issue based on what TrueImage does.

TrueImage will NOT delete an old full backup until after its replacement has been created.
This need for additional temporary space could cause the program to believe there is not sufficient space for the backup because of the 100G limit.

Rather than use a size limit, consider using the option to keep x number of recent verson chains; or possibly delete after x number of days.

Whatever changes you make, it is best to start fresh with a new task pointing to a empty storage folder or subfolder as task editing often produces unexpected results.