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Error trying to Install Acronis True Image OEM

Thread needs solution
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Hello, I have the following error

Produit : Acronis True Image OEM
Version : 11080
Date : 29/05/2018
Heure : 19:13:45
Infos supplémentaires : Base de connaissances Acronis
Détails de l'erreur : {5}


Could you help me ?

Best regards

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Samuel, welcome to these User Forums.

Please see KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products which gives the official Acronis statement on OEM products and how they are supported

The is too little information in your post to be able to help understand what error is being given here?

What version of Windows OS do you have?

Are you installing from an Administrator account / using the 'Run as Administrator' option to run the install program?