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ERROR when burn the .tib file on DVD

Thread needs solution
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I'm using Acronis True Image 2013 (Boot from a DVD), first i create my image (image.tib) for my partition C:\ , I put it on partition D:\
- When i recover it, it works perfectly
- When i copy this image.tib to my removable drive (flash disk), it works perfectly too

- but: when i burn this image.tib on the dvd who contain the (boot) files of acronis, when i want to recover my partition c:\ from the image.tib file on this DVD i always get an Error about the tib file

i used ultra iso to burn and after i used ashampoo with (8x speed) but nothing but i get the same Error !! whyyy ???

to be more clear, i want to use just ONE DVD, who contain (boot files of acronis) + the image.tib file

i'm waiting for your answers and thank you soooo much


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