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Extend volume of (C:) drive after successful Windows Operating System (OS) recovery.

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Hello forum users,

I have recently had a catastrophic failure which led to my Windows 10 OS to no longer boot. The machine did not boot past the BIOS and had stopped on an "MBR Error 1". After unsuccessfully attempting;  Windows System Restore, System Repair with a restore disc and the instal media, as well as attempting to recover the OS with three of the System Image Restore points. I removed that (C:) drive SSD with the broken OS and installed a new SSD.

My problem is that although the new SSD is three times larger the Acronis *.tib image recreated the smaller SSD system partition so that is why I would like to know how can I extend the (C:) drive volume to encompass the new bigger SSD?


Thanks in advance

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Steve, the easiest way to extend your partition is either to use Windows Disk Management if you only have one partition on the drive, or else to download a partition manager tool such as the free MiniTool Partition Wizard which would allow you to move any other partitions to the end of the drive before extending your OS partition.

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The Windows Disk Management does not allow me to extend the partition into the new part of the larger drive, which seems silly as most drive replacements (out in the wild) will be to add a bigger data storage space!


My support for the capitalist notion of consumerism, the Samsung 970 Evo comes with a free download of Samsung Magician, that also, does not allow manipulation of the storage space. You will notice the volume labelled (L:) which has been an unusable partition since my original migration from spinning rust to an NVMe SSD in 2014. Hopefully, with MiniTool the two unused partitions can be integrated into the primary (C:) drive. And then Samsung Magician can be used to create the recommended 10% over partitioning, swap space.

Thanks for your reply Steve.

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Steve, in Windows you can do this.

Just delete the space you want do add to your C:\ (it need to became "black" labeled, unallocated space), then you will be able to "extend" primary disk (before, this option will be grayed out).

At my first attempt disk manager crashed after deletion. But when I restarted it, the missing space was as "unallocated" and I just extend C:\ just by clicking "next" through "extend space" command under righ-click-mouse  (maximum amount of space was allocated automatically).