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External duplicate notebook drive not recognized by Win after failed clone attempt

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Using Vista64 - duplicate HD in a USB external case

About 5% into my clone attempt (which has always been successful in the past), I received an error msg that a damaged sector was detected in the receiving drive and the cloning procedure was aborted.

Now when I plug the external drive into my notebook, Windows does not recognize it at all and it does not show in Windows Explorer. I would like to run diagnostics on the drive but cannot if I can not access it.



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Does the drive show up in any shape or form in Windows Disk Management? It might be that the partition information has been wiped in which case Explorer won't see it but WDM should.

I would also suggest running chkdsk on your internal drive as well. As this is laptop I assume you only have the one drive which is your system drive, therefore chkdsk has to run at boot time beofre Windows is loaded. Open up a command prompt and type in chkdsk /r (note the space) and it will ask you if you wish to schedule the drive for checking on reboot.

As far as your external drive is concerned, you could also try plugging it in to a different USB port.

Depending on what the problem with the drive is, depends on whether the drive is easily recoverable or more difficult.