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External Hard Drive Data Lost

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Hello, Everyone...
Please be kind... I messed up...
I have an external Hard Drive (Elements) where I have loaded many photo files & documents as backups. However, thinking that I should also backup my system, I bought an Acronis PC Backup & Recovery program and tried to install it on my Presario 6000 using Windows XP. After installing/registering I tried the initial scan which stopped at 8%. Tried several times, same thing. I then tried to "Clone" the system from the internal Hard Drive to the External Hard Drive. It seemed to be going through, but again stopped unable to read a C: System File.
Now, when I try to access the External File all I get is a "locked" Recovery Folder that- - when opened - gives a WARNING not to delete or "Ability to Recover will be lost" - Also, all reference to the Elements External Hard Drive have been deleted from the Documents Index, as well as, All Programs. Also, I cannot access any of the many backup files & folders that were loaded onto the external drive - they have disappeared. It seems to have been hijacked.
Have I lost all of the data on the External Drive?
What happens if I delete the Acronis program altogether?
Hopefully, some of you can help me out of this mess.
Many thanks,

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Hello Mark!

Welcome to Acronis Forum, we are glad to greet you here! I completely understand your concern and will be glad to assist you.

Unfortunately due to the lack of investigation informaiton it is hard to identify the exact cause of the issue. Could you please kindly clarify:

  1. How exactly you processed initial scan?
  2. Exact error message
  3. How exactly you perfomed cloning operation and when it stalled with what error? 

I would also suggest you to perform the following: Start -> Run -> cmd -> chkdsk /f /r and reboot the machine. It will check your drives for bad blocks and fix if any.

We would also appreciate if you could kindly gather the following informaiton:

  1. Screenshot of the issue
  2. Acronis Info from the machine in question

After that please kindly contact support directly with the information attached. Keep in mind that should there be any procrastination with the reply, you can always specify us the case number. We will do our best to speed up the process.

Should you need anything else or have any further questions - feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, we will be happy to help you!

Thank you!