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External SATA Enclosure, great experience!

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I finally bought an external sata hard drive enclosure after years of using an old external IDE enclosure that connected to a Firewire card in my desktop computer.

It was so hard to change drives in the old unit that I had removed the entire cover. All that was left was the IDE & power connectors hanging from the small control circuit board. It did work. Many of my old IDE drives were failing so I had to do something.

I bought a Rosewill RX-DUS100 adapter from NewEgg that accepts both 3.5" and 2.5" sata drives, I just sit them in the opening and they work. When finished I just lift them out. Cool!

The external connection to the computer is USB2 or eSATA, my choice. Cables are included.

The power supply is a slick little 12v, 2A switching PS that is so small that it is incorporated in the AC plug.

I opened the box, connected the data cable, plugged it in, stuck a sata drive in it, turned it on, and it instantly worked. No instructions needed. This is how new gear should always work.

I then did a full image of my system drive with a verify, perfect.

The cost? I paid $35 for it and it is worth more than that to me already. No more fighting eight year old IDE drives anymore. Everyone needs one of these.

I also bought a large sata hard drive with this and I can say that NewEgg did pack it better than they have in the past. The drive had two layers of thick bubble wrap around it.


PS: Acronis TI-2009 worked perfectly as I restored an image from a 2nd internal sata drive to my new sata system drive.

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I concur with your comments. The docking stations are easy to use and work as described. I wrote about these in a prior posting (link below). I have been using my BlacX for about a year now.
I only wish that I had bought a dual capacity one. I have another esata external enclosure but it would have been easier with a single dual unit.

One of my uses is to store some of my True Image archives and using MudCrab's DriveNotify program makes using an external drive even easier.

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Yep, I agree that those USB/eSata docks are the way to go now. I'm just waiting on the right time to jump on one - probably not till next year.