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Failed to enumerate the directory

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Despite the lack of information on the security of web restore I decided to try AOB for a year anyway. AOB is much cheaper than the new MozyHome plans and has better performance (upload speed) as well. However, I'm now experiencing that the most important factor, reliability, might be less than what I was accustomed to using MozyHome...

Several times a week the (daily) backup fails with the same error (5 times this week!):

Failed to enumerate the directory

In these cases AOB tries to backup a folder C:\[folder] where it should backup [drive]:\[folder] with [drive] being another letter than "C" (as C:\[folder] does indeed not exist!).

Example: AOB tries C:\MyData (non-existing) where it should backup (existing) folder D:\MyData.

I've reported this to Acronis and we are investigating this, but unfortunately we're not making much progress yet. I'm quite sure this must be a software error/entanglement and not a user error.

Did anyone else experience the same error? What caused it? How did you solve it?