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forcepae and Acronis 19

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I have an old Dell Inspiron 500m laptop that although almost useless, works well enough for emails and web browsing. I wanted to make a backup with an Acronis 19 CD I have, but it fails with the "forcepae" problem. Pressing the F11 key does indeed bring up the box for you to add "forcepae" but, the box is only presented for a very short time before the boot starts. I wanted to make CD that would work with out having to do this. I searched but did not find any clear solutions that used what I already have. Cut a long story short, I made a fresh CD with the Media Builder using the linux version and added "forcepae forcepae" in the start up parameter box (with out the quotes). You must add it twice with a space between them. Boot from the disk and select the upper 32bit version. It takes a while and then the familiar Acronis True Image 19 box appears. In addition, the graphics are perfect, not garbled as in the old Acronis 12 version I have. I realise not many people will bother with such old machinery, but it may help someone save the days i spent looking for this solution.

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Pease confirm the Acronis product being used - is it True Image 2019. Am I correct in assuming its vintage is about 2003?

Please advise the operating system it is running (for example Windows 10 Pro version 2004). Are you using Windows/RE recovery media created within ATI (called simple method) or the Linux version?

My understanding is that with old hardware such as that being used here you need to add a switch when running ATI, which is where you are having your problem.

@Steve Smith has experience with doing this and hopefully will be able to guide you through the process.


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Joe, I have found that you only need to use "forcepae forcepae" (without quotes) twice when dealing with actual Linux media such as Ubuntu etc.  For the Acronis rescue media, I have only needed to put forcepae once for this to work fine.  I most recently did this with ATI 2021 Linux rescue media!  I have an ancient IBM Thinkpad T41 laptop that also requires this option!