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Fujitsu TX1320M1

Thread needs solution
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I'm using Acronis 2015 with Bootable CDMedia. But it does not detect the disk for  Fujitsu PC model: TX1320M1.

How can I fix this or do I need to purchase the latest 2020 version?

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Oh, welcome to these public User Forums.

Is your Acronis 2015 the full retail version from Acronis, or did it come free with the purchase of a disk drive?  If the latter, then this would only work with disk drives of the type supplied by the manufacturer who offered the OEM version of Acronis 2015.

The bootable CD rescue media is based on a small Linux kernel OS and may not have support for newer types of disk drives, including NVMe M.2 SSD drives.

What type of PC is this machine?  Is it a workstation / desktop / tower type PC or a Server?

What version of Windows is being used?

What type of drives?  Is RAID being used?