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Getting Dell PC to recognize Acronis recovery disk

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Presently I have two Dell PC's and I also use Acronis 2013 to backup and restore.  I use the older version because it is simple to use.  I burned a recovery disk in Acronis and on one pc when I put the recovery disk in the pc and reboot Acronis comes up first thing and I can either recover or backup.  My other Dell pc DOES NOT boot up to the recovery disk.  I have practically turned myself inside out trying to figure this out.  I understand it is something to do with BIOS and boot order.   I DON'T KNOW JACK ABOUT HOW TO NAVIGATE through this.  Please help.  

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Several possible cause of the problem include:

  1. The recovery media does not have the necessary drivers for the PC; this will definitely be the case if it has an M.2 drive (in particularly NVMe drives).
  2. The PC has fast start active - to do a full shutdown, press & hold the Shift key while clicking on Shutdown..
  3. The PC has been set up to use Intel RAID driver (even though it does not use raid - in some situations SSDs perform better with the RAID drivers). The Linux recovery media does not have these drivers.