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1. I just purchased Acronis True Image 2011 Home. What steps should I take to use this software?
    a. Register your serial number
    b. Download the latest version from the registration site.
    c. Install the software (an un-install of a prior version may be necessary)
    d. Create a new Bootable Media. Add version, build & serial number to CD label.
    e. Boot from the bootable media
    f. Perform a disk option backup which includes all partitions.
    g. Perform some type of test restore from backup file to assure a recovery is possible.

    h. Check this article that has general product description, how-tos and known issues.

2. Why do I need to create the bootable media recovery CD? When should it be used?

The standalone version (Acronis Bootable Media) of any Acronis backup product is an exclusive recovery environment for restoring images. Additionally, it allows you to create images, clone hard disk drives, partition new hard disk drives without having to boot into Windows. It has the same graphical interface as when you run your copy of an Acronis backup product under Windows. You can also check additional resources available here and here for more information. There is also a new additional article available at this link.

3. Why is validation important?

The Backup Archive Validation Wizard checks the compliance of the information that was read from the source drive with the information stored to the backup image. Check this comment for more information.

4. Why should I perform a test restore? Isn't validating the backup sufficient to know that the restore will work when needed?

Validation cannot give you a 100% guarantee that the backup is not corrupt. Performing a test restore will allow you to cover that little percentage not covered my validation.

5. What is the difference between exploring a backup file and mounting a backup?

Mounting a backup is done through the Acronis software and exploring can be done through Windows. You can read more about it here. Please take an additional look at this Knowledge Base article.

6. I am having trouble recovering files in my backup. What other methods can I use to recover a few of my files?

Please check this extensive troubleshooting guide.

7. How do I post about problems that I have?

Provide a detailed description of the issue, include the full error message and AcronisInfo report. Keep in mind that technical troubleshooting is not possible on Forums. We can only suggest to try known solutions available. For any troubleshooting you will have to contact our Support Team.

8. How can I contact support?

If immediate assistance is required or you were not able to resolve the problem in the forum, a support case can be created by logging in to Acronis web-account->Get support>Click on the Start Here button->Navigate through the wizard.
Check this link for more detailed instructions.

9. Where can I download the latest build, bootable media and the User Guide?

In order to have access to the latest build of the program and the bootable media, please register the software first. After that, you will have access to them from the My Products&Download section in your user account. The user guide is available here.

10. I own an OEM version powered by Acronis. I have a technical issue with it.

Support for OEM versions is provided through Acronis Knowledge Base and Acronis Support forum. If you are an OEM end-user, please contact your hardware manufacturer.

11. What type of Support programs are there for Acronis True Image Home products?

Knowledge Base and Forum support are free. After purchasing the program you are entitled to 30 days free e-mail and chat support. After that, you can purchase a Per Incident Support number. Please check this table and the following article for more information.

12. How can I clone the hard drive in my laptop?

Please use this tutorial for detailed instructions.

13. How can I create a backup with Acronis True Image Home without installing the program.

Once you have purchased the program you will be given a serial number. Create an account at and register the serial number. In your Acronis account navigate to the My programs&Downloads section and download Acronis bootable media in ISO format. Burn the ISO image to a CD/DVD and boot your computer from it. The program will be launched from the bootable media without using Windows. You can then create a backup.


1. Full list of common issues can be found in this Knowledge Base article under Known Issues.

2. What about SSD partition alignment?

Please check this detailed explanation by a member of the Acronis team.

3. Nonstop Backup turns off unexpectedly!

We are working on a fix and as soon as it is available we will provide you with an update.

4. Nonstop Backup stops unexpectedly, when I try to re-start it, my machine fails with a BSOD!

This issue has been fixed by our latest SnapApi drivers. Please contact one of our Forum Moderators or our Support team for a download link.

5. I boot with the bootable media and it does not detect my hard drive or the network card!

Bootable media created with the software sometimes lacks proper hardware drivers. The bootable media is constantly updated and you can download the latest version from your Acronis web-account. If it still fails to detect your hardware, please submit a support request with the Acronis Linux report so that we can fix it.

6. Windows 7 restore specifics.

In order to restore an image of Windows 7, make sure that the 100 mb System Reserved partition is backed up and then included in the restore. Please note, that it is not always present, depending on how Windows 7 was installed.

7. Which  Home backup program supports Windows 7?

Acronis True Image 2011 Home supports Windows 7.

8. ATIH2011 does not detect my hard drives in Windows! What can I do?

Please check the following troubleshooting and solution guide available here. If it does not help, please submit a support request with the diagnostic information requested at the bottom of the same article.

9. I have a problem installing Acronis True Image 2011 Home? What can I do?

In order for us to resolve installation issues, please create an .msi installer log file and a Windows system information file. Include these two files when you post about installation issues.

10. Backup speed is very slow in Windows 7.

Each case requires individual investigation and troubleshooting. Please collect an AcronisInfo report and contact our Support team.

11. I have a problem with Bootable USB media with my Acronis True Image 2011 Home netbook edition!

We have resolved most of the reported issues. Please update your bootable media from your account to get the latest fixes. Should you still experience problems with updated media, please contact our Support team with the Acronis Linux report.

12. I have a DELL computer and when I boot it from the bootable media, the program interface appears for a few seconds and the computer reboots!

This is a known issue which is currently being investigated. It is caused by DELL's recovery partition. We have a "custom" bootable media that fixes this problem. Please contact our Support team or one of our forum moderators for a download link for this bootable media.

13. I boot with the bootable media and the screen resolution is garbled. What can I do?

Please check this article for a workaround.

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Acronis True Image 2011 Home - Common issues and usability tips (full list is available here):


1. I disabled the option "Integrate True Image into Windows" or uninstalled ATIH 2011, but my Windows backup still does not work!

Please use this temporary hotfix.

2. When I try to backup to network, I am not prompted for any credentials!

You can set the credentials manually via "Connection settings". Take a look at this article for instructions.

3. How do I completely uninstall Acronis True Image 2011 Home?

You can use our special Clean Up utility available here.

4. I am using Try&Decide, but the toolbar icon is grayed out.

Windows User Account (UAC) does not allow execution of those options. Please check this article for a workaround.

5. Why does e-mail backup require Administrator rights?

The program was designed to run the backup with Admin rights. Please check this article for more information.

6. Manual e-mail backup prompts for credentials, what kind?

This is an issue in the product which will be fixed in Update 1. Please enter your computer credentials.

7. I try to start either Acronis True Image Home 2011 or a backup job and I get a BSOD with a similar error: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION (c4)

This is an issue with Microsoft drivers blocking Acronis drivers. Please check this KB article for a solution.

8. My computer goes to sleep when I am creating a backup!

This is the current designed behavior, the backup pauses when the computer goes to sleep mode and resumes when you wake the machine. This will be fixed in a future update of our software, we will post the information in this KB article.

9. Acronis Nonstop Backup diagnosis tool.

In case of any problems with Nonstop backup, please use the following utility to update the Nonstop backup module and if the issue is not fixed, use the same utility to collect diagnostic information from your computer so that we can resolve it.

10. Backup fails with the error: "Run list corrupted".

Please use this solution.

11. When using Nonstop backup and selecting NTFS partition this error message appears: Cannot backup to non-NTFS partition.

Issue is specific to Acronis True Image 2011 Home on Windows 64-bit. Please use this solution.

12. When trying to restore in Windows, using a partition backup stored on a Windows network share, you get a constant prompt for credentials which prevents from restoring.

Please use this temporary workaround until this issue is fixed.

13. Incompatibility issue with Avira AntiVir. When Nonstop backup is running and Avira performs a system scan, Nonstop backup will fail with this error in the logs: Operation has been aborted. The item essence is incorrect. Probably metadata in the file archive is corrupted

Our Development team is working on this issue and this article will be updated as soon as it is resolved.

14. Acronis True Image Home 2011 may ask for reactivation after updating to build 6574.

This is a known issue. As a workaround, please activate the program as shown in this KB article.

15. After upgrading from Acronis True Image 2009/2010 Home incremental backups disappear from the program (ATIH 2011) GUI.

This is a known issue with the latest build of Acronis True Image Home 2011 (Build 6574). Please use the following workaround.

16. When you run a backup, the queued status of the backup does not change and remains through the whole process.

Please disable Windows compatibility mode for Acronis True Image 2011 Home.

17. Wacom Tablet mouse pointer malfunction.

Issue with third party software used in Acronis True Image 2011 Home. As a workaround, please use a non-Wacom mouse.


1. Everything you need to know about Acronis True Image 2011 Home.

2. Illustrated instructions for creating bootable media.

3. Creating bootable media with a backup file.

4. Backing up to a network share.

5. How to schedule a backup.

6. Activating and Deactivating Acronis Startup Recovery Manager.

7. E-mail Restore.

8. You can sort the list of backups displayed on the main screen of the product.

9. Acronis True Image Home 2011: Windows 7 Libraries Support.

10. Acronis True Image Home 2011: Timeout Settings.

11. Customizing Windows integration.

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Acronis Nonstop Backup: FAQ

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