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Help! SnapAPI not working (no source disks) after reinstall of TrueImage 2013

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I was using my activated TrueImage 2013 version without problem, then I decided to try TrueImage 2018 to test cloud backup. The cloud was much too slow (probably my broadband speed), so I uninstalled 2018 trial version and reinstalled 2013. BUT:

1. TI 2013 found my old backups but could not validate - listed them corrupted! Probably because:

2. No source disks were showing so no backups/validations could be made (snapAPI failed to initialize was the error). 

I don't have the exact error log to show because I had to install the 2018 trial version again so at least I can run backups while I find the right way to reinstall TI 2013. BTW I did try installing it with programs and anti-virus sw stopped.

How do I get Trueimage 2013 installed properly again and seeing my disks? I don't want the 2018 version.

My OS version is Win 7 64-bit.

Thanks in advance,


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JD, I would suggest that you will need to perform a clean install of your ATI 2013 in order to get this working again after trialling ATI 2018.

The alternative would be to restore your OS drive back to the point where ATI 2013 was installed and working normally, assuming that you have such a backup and are willing to lose any more recent changes etc.

To do a clean install, first uninstall ATI 2018 normally via the Control Panel, then download the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link in my signature) - run the tool as Administrator and follow this by restarting your system to complete the action.

Before you reinstall ATI 2013, if you do have a recent backup from when 2013 was previously installed, then consider restoring the C:\Program Data\Acronis folders from that backup in order to bring back your backup tasks.  Note: you may want to copy this folder path contents to a temporary location on your computer before uninstalling anything, then copy it to its original location after doing the cleanup.

Finally, reinstall ATI 2013 (as Administrator) and hopefully, if all has gone well, everything will be back to where you originally started from, though you may need to reconfigure any schedules for your tasks.

Posts: 8
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Thanks that worked!