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How to Convert True Image Home 2010 .TIB Disk Image to VWmare v7 Virtual Machine

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I have seen several references to this, but most seem to leave some questions unanswered. I see references to creating VHD files and converting from there perhaps involving Win 7 etc, but it gets sketchy.

Could someone describe the precise steps and any additional products required to do the following:

- Take a .TIB file (a complete disk image of an XP Pro machine) created using True Image Home 2010 with Plus pack and convert it to a VMWare v7 virtual machine.

I use Win XP Pro (not Win 7) and VWmare Workstation v7.


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I just ran several tests backing up an XP Pro physical computer and restoring it into Worstation 7. I didn't have any problems with or without using UR. Both restored fine.

What I did:

  1. Booted physical computer with the TI CD.
  2. Created the image (saved to network share).
  3. Setup a new VM in Workstation 7.
  4. Booted the VM using the TI 2010 PP ISO.
  5. Restored the image from the network share.
  6. Booted into the restored XP.
  7. Let drivers install. Rebooted.
  8. Installed VMware Tools. Rebooted.