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How do I clean uninstall "true image home 11"?( Please tell me how to move this topic to the right forum)

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I'm using win7 64bit. Today I want to install true image home 2011(I bought 2017, but didn't like it), but there's an error massage: "The older version of this product cannot be removed because it seems to be corrupted", it's because I installed true image home 11 and unable to uninstall it very clean. I wish to know how to (The tool by didn't make it).

The install log attached.

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Only the forum moderator can move topics! Your post ended up here owing to a bug in the Forum software that does this when there is an image or text attached to the initial post. You can trick the naughty software by creating the post without such links, saving it, then editing it to add the links.

Getting late here and my brain is not operating on all cylinders, so I am reluctant to give advice.

One thing that you should do is to download the ATI 2017 recovery media as any backups you made with it will not be able to be recovered using ATI 2011 (see here).

I assume you have done a restart. Closing depending on your system settings may only go into hibernation which means some changes that require a reboot will not be made.


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You will need to uninstall all Acronis applications before attempting to reinstall any older product such as ATI 2011.

The log you posted suggests you tried to install 2011 but that 2017 was still installed.

Use the Win 7 Control Panel - Programs & Features to remove any Acronis programs shown, then download the Acronis Cleanup tool from the link shown in my signature. 

Run the Cleanup Tool using 'Run as Administrator' and after it completes, ensure that you do a restart of Windows before taking any further actions.

After restarting Windows, do some further checks for the following:

Acronis folders.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis

Registry entries
Left over .sys and .dll files at C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.
Look for files starting with snap that may have a number in them.
Something like snapxxxx.dll or snapxxxx.sys.
Where xxxx would represent a build number of True Image.

Note: please exercise great care when making changes to the Windows Registry or when touching .sys or .dll files in any Windows folder paths.  Rename files rather than deleting them, i.e. put 'xx' at the front of the names.

Note 2: check in Windows Task Manager for any active Acronis programs / processes, and for any running Acronis services in the Services.msc control panel.  If any are found, always stop the services before trying to stop / end programs / processes.

If you do have the Acronis Rescue Media from either ATI 2011 or 2017, then I would highly recommend making a full disk backup of your Windows 7 OS partition before making any significant changes to either the registry or to .sys or .dll files!

If you don't have the Rescue Media, then sign in to your Acronis Account and download the ISO file for your ATI version(s) and create a boot CD from this to use.

I would suggest also having a Windows System image and restore points created too.

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I fixed it by myself:

1.Download "Windows Installer CleanUp Utility" to clean the left.

2.clean every "72B3435EFD55DB04F9FC6A341C33E1A8" Registry Key. (may search for the permission edit method to do it)