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How to get rid of an old unused DELL revovery folder / volume?

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I am doing - since years - the backup of the whole disk "C". In the volume mode I see a volume "recovery" wtih 5,2 / 9,4 GB. which obviously is saved evey time. As my DELL-PC is quite old I do not need any longer this recovery partition and content. It seems to be useless. How can I get rid of this and gain the pace in "C"?

My I dea: Make a full volume backup without the foder "recovery" and after this a regualr recovery with this new backup. What will happen with the space of the "recovery" volume? Will "C" be reorganized and enhanced by the 9,4 GB?


Thanks for answers


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Wolfgang, I would recommend taking a different approach for removing this Dell recovery (factory) partition from your computer.

Step 1 is to have a good backup of the whole drive in case of any issues arising.

Step 2.  use a dedicated partition manager program such as the free MiniTool Partition Wizard to make changes to your disk partitions.

I would suggest just deleting the Dell partition initially, then reboot to check that all is still OK.
Next, assuming all is OK, you may need to move other partitions depending on where exactly the Dell partition was located.  For some drives, this may be at the end of the drive (to the right) and you may have one or more Windows Recovery partitions adjacent to it which you would need to move to the right to gain the unallocated partition space next to your OS partition, to allow expanding the OS partition to use that space.

With all the above, make small changes then test all is still OK rather than making a lot of changes and finding that something no longer works!

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Steve, your advice sounds very "soft"!!You are probably right,as no one knows how and where the recovery partition may linked into the PCs software and programms. I will then go the soft way and follow your intelligent way with step by step deletion.