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How to get Technical Support: Tips, Tricks and Useful Information

Thread needs solution
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Dear Community!

We would like to provide you with the important information regarding the support options and ways to receive technical assistance.

Acronis offers four basic support options for Consumer products:

1.    Customer Service
Related to
- Administrative license/serial number issues (lost, fails to get registered, etc.)
- Web navigation
- Download
- Promotional offer issues

- free of charge
- unlimited
- 24x7
- provided via e-mail and chat.
Response time: 
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

2.    Trial product support
- Related to the issue with the trial version of Acronis Products
- free of charge
- valid within trial period
- 12x5
- provided via e-mail and chat
Response time:
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

3.    Standard support
- Related to the issues with the full product version
- Free of charge
- Valid for 30 days after purchase
- 24x7
- provided via e-mail and chat
Response time:
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

4.    Priority Pay Per Incident Support
- Related to the technical issues with the product
- Priced per incident
- Valid for 1 incident only
- 24x7
- Provided via e-mail, chat, phone
Response time:
- 1 business day
- immediate via chat
- immediate via phone

5.    Recovery issue
- Related to recovery issues with the full version of the product
- Free of charge
- 24x7
- Not limited (Assistance with the recovery issue can be requested any time, even if you’re out of 30 days free support and don’t have PPI)
- Provided with e-mail and chat
Response time:
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

 You can find the comparison table here

Notes and tips:

•    Forum is not a primary support channel
It’s designed mainly for sharing experience, collecting feedback and joint Community efforts for addressing technical issues
See Acronis Forum Terms of Use.
We’re still doing our best to address as many problems reported as possible.
We still recommend contacting support directly in case of emergency.

•    How to contact support:
Please find the step-by-step screenshot instructions in this KB article.

•    When contacting support:
In case you have a technical issue, the following diagnostic information will help to speed up the process of investigation:
- Exact sequence of steps performed
- Error message if any
- Acronis Info from the problem machine
If you’re submitting the support request via web-form, please specify this information and attach the Acronis Info output.
If you’re contacting support via chat or phone, please provide the Support Professional with the details of the problem (step-by-step and error message). You may also be requested to send Acronis Info output later via e-mail

•    Best way to contact support
As the response time vary from 3 business days (for all support options) to 1 business day (for PPI Customers only), we advise to contact support via Live Chat in case of emergency. LiveChat is an online ongoing assistance, and you don’t need to wait for the reply for 3 days.

•    How to get back to support if disconnected/if issue appears again
When a Customer contacts support via chat/phone, Support Professional opens a case, and submits all the information about the support session there.
Each case has a unique number, and you should be provided with it at the beginning of the support session.
Please save the support case number, as you can specify it to the next Support Technician if you contact us once again regarding the same problem. He/she will review the case for the details of the previous session, and you won’t have to repeat everything from the start

•    While communicating with support
Please be informed that in case you’re communicating with Support Professional via e-mail, the e-mail has the reference code in the Subject and at the bottom of the message. This reference number allows our case system to identify you message as a part of the case, and deliver it to the responsible Support Professional directly. Please don’t remove it.

•    If the support period is over, but the issue remains
In case you’ve opened a support request within the 30 days after purchase period, the support period expired, but the issue remained, you’re still eligible for receiving technical assistance till the problem’s solved.

•    If the issue appears to be related to the fault in the product

If the issue is related to the technical problem in the product itself (appears to be a bug), and you've purchased PPI agreement for contacting support, we will refund the PPI.

It’s important for us to know that you do get the best qualified assistance, so we would appreciate if you could specify us the case number in the comments for this thread in case:
•    You haven’t received a reply via e-mail in the specified timeframes
•    You experience difficulties with communicating with support
We will investigate the problem and make sure that your request in handled in a proper way.

You can also take a look at our Customer's Hanbook for additional information.

Please keep in mind that you can always share your feedback with us directly.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please, don’t hesitate to share them with us, we will be glad to help you.

Thank you. 

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I'm doing a Universal Restore and I get this message;

"Cannot find device driver 'PCI/VEN_1022&DEV_43B7&SUBSYS_10621B21&REV_02' for 'Windows 10'

Where do I find what it is looking for?

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Richard, welcome to these User Forums.

This forum topic is 4 years old and totally unrelated to your question.

Please select the correct Acronis True Image Forum for the specific version that you are using, i.e. 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 or Older versions (for all earlier versions) then click on New Topic in that forum.

When you open a new topic, please try to provide as much detailed information on both the version/build of ATI being used, and exactly what you are trying to do, what steps taken etc. and we will do our best to try to help you.