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How to make bootable image disks

Thread needs solution
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I already have acronis images on my HDD and i wish to transfer them onto DVD media which should boot from the DVD straight to restore the image on that DVD. Is this possible and how can get this done?

If my image fileis in parts of 4 GB will the restore program prompt for the second dis, third disk etc?

If my image is 6 Gb anyhow burn this to 2 DVD 5 disks ithe first of which is bootable?

In simpler words, this newbie wants to learn whether bootable image disks can be created with iomages on them?

Thanks for any help/guides on this issue

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Work and yoir work shall be reqarded; seek and ye shall find. Your question and ansers thereto have been posted many times on this forum.

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Scott is correct. Lots of prior postings--particularly on the Wilders forum.

yes, you can use your normal burn program and burn the files onto optical media as short term temporary storage.
Looking forward, in order to use your data to restore your disk, the data will have to be stored in one folder on an accessible hard drive.
The normal way you can restore from a CD or DVD is if the original backup was created onto CD/DVD in the creation of the original backup.

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Unfortunately unless someone knows how to, it appears that we cannot carry out a search on the old forum, either simple or advanced throws up answers from the “live” forums only.

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One way to search the Wilders forum is use a Google or yahoo search windows and

Place your search words first and then add "site:

such as

"create backup" + "burn cd"

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Thank you Grover, I thought one of you computer experts would know,

Will try it later tonight

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You can also search the old forum by entering it (go into one of the archived sections) and then doing the search. Trying to start the search from anywhere in the "active" forums won't work because you can't select the archived forums.

For example, once here, you can use the standard Search this Forum drop-down to search in the TI forum.