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How many backup files do I need

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I am using True Image Home version 11. I am backing up to an external drive. Just checked the files on that drive and I have about 100 files named Acronis BackupXX with the XX going from 22 to 105. I also have files named DatabackupXX with numbers from 1 to 25. And then I have files named Fresh BackupXX with numbers 1 thru 13.

All the Acronis Backup files are from 6/2010 and older
The Databackup files are all dated 8/18/2010
All the Fresh Backup files are dated 5.10/2011

My backup is set to run weekly. Can I delete all the files except the "Fresh Backup" files?
Do I need to keep the Data Backup files?

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It depends. If I were you, I would keep as many backups as I can until I really need the space on the disk. If you are absolutely sure that you will never need the data in these backups, then go ahead and delete it.
Here is my personal experience. Trust me, I care about backups. Then, one day, I am looking for a file. I cannot find it on my hard drive. I look into my backups, Acronis, Syncback, iDrive, Win7, on attached disks, on offline disks. The file is gone. Somehow, I must have done a backup cleanup one day where I lost that specific file. Not a big loss in the grand scheme of things...

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You do not mention the type of backup that was created (full; full+incremental; full + differential, etc.)

If the backup type is full only, none are inter-dependent so deletion is possible.

If the backup type is full +incremental, then any deletion of the older incrementals will cause the complete chain to be useless except for the original full.

If the backup type is full+differential, then any of the older differentials can be deleted and the remaining differentials would be restorable.

If the data that exists in the Data Backup files also exists in the full backups, then you have duplication and you can make your choice.

You may want to investigate using the "Backup locations" feature of version 11; or consider upgrading to the 2011 version and use the automatic cleanup feature so the manual deletion becomes unnecessary.