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How to overwrite backup with task

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I had a client install TI 2010 and thought I had set a task to do a Daily backup. I had intended it to make a full new backup each Monday and the an incremental T,W,Th, & F. I named the backup 'Daily'. the first week I got files named Daily.tib with incrementals named Daily1, Daily2, ... The second week I found a new complete backup called Daily4(1)(1).tib . What is the proper why to set up a daily task that will overwrite last weeks data, create a full backup on the first day with 4 incremental backups on the following four days and then rewrite the entire set the next week?

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Hello Scott,

Let me assist you.

To have Acronis True Image to overwrite you old backups and start a new 'chain' every week, you need to configure the software following way:

1. Start Acronis True Image and set it to create an incremental backup;

2. In Scheduling please choose the method you want to use (Daily in your case):

3. On Backup Method screen choose to create Incremental backups and to create a new full archive after 4 incrementals:

After that Acronis True Image will create a new full backup archive every week and delete the old ones.

If the above method won't work for you, I may recommend you to update Acronis Scheduler module that is use for managing all tasks. You can find the detailed guide on how to do that at this KB article.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need a further assistance.

Thank you.

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Hi Ilya Rasovsky:
TI is still not naming the new files correctly. I have remade the task that is a Daily backup with incrementals each weekday and a new full back up at the beginning of the week. I wanted it to overwrite the old files each week.

I have not updated the Scheduler. The KB article states:
1. You have scheduled a backup or a validation task;
2. The scheduled tasks fail to start. As a result, no backup is created.
I don't have either of these symptoms.

The backup file is simply named "Daily". Last night it wrote G:\Daily(1)3.tib .How is it picking these names? It does not seem to recognize that it should overwrite an old set perhaps because the old set is no longer named "Daily". I have another installation for this client using an older version of TI and only check it every quarter. It seems to manage it's backup naming fine. If I let this newer install go on like this it will fill the drive and stop working or cause me to have to intervene every week to rename and delete files. Should I still update the Scheduler module even though this is not one of the symptoms?

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if you use acronis helper program chain2gen you can set the params of chain2gen to get the weekly behavior you described.
Basically chain2gen will present acronis with an empty target folder on those days that a new full is to occur.
When this occurs acronis has no choice but to make a new full and that new full will be named the original base name as defined in the job.
as for the original backup chain that is no longer desired chain2gen can be configured to thorw it away (delete it) or to move it into historical folders before throwing the oldest of the history away.