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How to Recover Free Space after Deleting Acronis Secure Zone in True Image 2011

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I have Acronis True Image 2011 Update 3, Build 6942.
I had my Acronis Secure Zone (ASZ) on my main C drive using 300GB and then purchased a 1TB External HD.
I want to move my ASZ to the new Ext. HD.
Went to first Remove the ASZ from my C Drive. It did a reboot and worked OK except for one important thing ... it did not add the 300GB back to my Free Space on my C Drive. When I view it under Manage My Computer/storage/Disk Management, it just shows the 300GB as Unallocated space.

I did not see any option under Acronis True Image that asked me if I wanted to add the freed up space back to my main C Drive Partition. Did I miss it? Is there something special I have to do when deleting the ASZ to say add the freed up space back to my main C Drive Partition?

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit version.
Is there anyway to use some Windows function to make the 300GB old ASZ (which is now unallocated) to be part of my main C Drive partition again?

For now, I just re-created the ASZ again and re-used the 300GB of unallocated space on my C Drive. BUT, I will try to remove the ASZ again so I can create a new one on my new External HD. I would like to get this 300GB back to use for other things on my main C Drive.

Can anybody help me?


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If the ASZ is located on your main drive at the end of the drive (after all other partitions), you can use Windows 7 Disk Management to extend the partition that exists before the removed ASZ partition to fill the disk.

If this doesn't work for you, you can use GParted to resize your partitions.
Be sure to have FULL disk backup before doing any partition changes.

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I'm trying to install Windows 8 and am instructed to manually uninstall Acronis True Image. Unfortunatly I can't locate the program to uninstall. Can you tell me how to do that when the program does not show as being installed.

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It's listed under "T" for True Image.