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How to remove all settings, logs, etc on Acronis Home 2013?

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External drive died and the old jobs acted up when trying to just point them at the new drive so I just created a new partition job. The problem is that Acronis is still seeing some of the old jobs and specifically that it needs to manage retention on those jobs and creates errors.

I'd like to reset Acronis to new, no jobs, no history, no settings.

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James, you have a couple of options to do what you are asking:

The sledgehammer approach is to use the Acronis Cleanup Tool (run as Administrator) which will require that you do a clean install of your ATIH 2013 software and recreate all your tasks.

The other approach is to either delete or rename the Acronis Database folder where backup history information is stored in the metadata database.

This is normally found at C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Database but this path may be hidden and also can be locked by any active Acronis Services or Processes - so it is recommended that you first stop all Acronis Services then end all Acronis Processes (in that sequence).

If you want to completely remove all your current/existing tasks, then clear the contents of the Scripts folder found at the same root path as the Database folder.

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Will give the deleting of the two folders a try ASAP.