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How to resynch Schedule block's VERSIONS Counter - e.g. TIH-2014 and later

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   I have been putting up with this hassle for many years and several ATIH updates - and would finally appreciate some guidance.

     I use a common single external backup drive among all my house PC's. Works fine. But sometimes the VERSIONS COUNTER suddenly only remembers its last few backups - the backup folder still has the other backups.

   Maybe this happens when I updated the backup schedule's SETTINGS and clicked on the SAVE button. After that, ATIH assumed it was a brand new Schedule and started counting from there. Indeed, it shows NO BACKUPS after doing an edit on that schedule block.

   So ... is there some procedure, after an edit and SAVE, for that block to still remember the previous backups? Otherwise, ATIH just starts adding another (extra) set of backup cycles counts, rather than resuming recycling the original set. This just wastes extra backup disk space, since the older backups in that block are now ignored and NOT deleted as the cycle wraps around back to the first file.

   The only other way is to completely ERASE the ATIH "ini-file" (?) - and do a "Search for backups & Re-create" option for every backup, on every PC that has files on the common shared backup drive. Real HASSLE, since the Re-created block NAME then has all the junk appended to these backup names, rather than the original block name.

I would really like Acronis  to fix this bug - or is the "Schedule SAVE" command just too dangerous?


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Joe, there will be no fixes for any issues identified in any version of Acronis True Image prior to the current 2018 version.

The key points when using a single external backup drive with multiple different computers is to ensure that every backup is unique, with no duplication of either target folder for storing files, and no duplication of task / file names, plus no manual deleting of backup files outside of using the Acronis automatic cleanup rules.

The way I have done this with my own backup drives is to create a new folder for each different PC that I am making backups from, then used unique names for the tasks / files.

There is a known side-effect of making changes to any existing backup task where this will reset the count of files for the backup scheme settings, i.e. create a new full backup after X incremental or differential backups.

Information about all backups is stored in the Acronis Database (metadata) store where if any of your tasks share the same name, can cause confusion and/or corruption in the store and perhaps on the wrong PC.

The only alternative method of handling this type of issue is to use the Acronis bootable Rescue media when doing the backups, but this is inconvenient for most users and requires a lot more configuration to set exclusions etc plus does not allow for any scheduling.