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How to start recovery from .tib files

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My hard drive failed on my desktop and is in for repair. I connected my backup drive to my laptop and when viewing the files it shows .Tib files.
How do I start the backup process when windows says It can't open the .tib files? Do I have to load any Acronis files to open the backup?

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William, sorry to hear about your failed desktop. You'll need to install the Acronis software on your laptop. From the Acronis software you can open the tib file by using the Mount option. You select Mount and browse to your tib file on your external hard drive. You then assign an available drive letter, say Z:. You can open that in either read only or read/write mode. From there you can see all your files. If you want to just copy your files off back to your desktop I would suggest opening in read only mode so you don't damage your tib file.