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How To Stop 'User Account Control' Dialog Box?

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Whenever I click on the icon to run True Image, I get the Windows system dialog box entitled "User Account Control" and it asks me if I want to allow this program to make changes to my computer.

How do I turn this dialog box off so it doesn't come up again? I am the only account on my laptop and I have administrator privileges. I tried editing the shortcut so that it runs in Administrator mode but that didn't stop the box from popping up.

64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium

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This is normal. ATI is a powerful tool that can significantly modify or destroy your installation, so UAC (User Account Control) elevation is required.

Sure, you run as Admin, but in fact in Windows 7 even an Admin account actually runs with standard user privileges until necessary, and when necessary UAC elevation is required. This makes the system more secure. In fact, Microsoft recommends that you not use your Admin account as your normal daily use account. Instead, you should create a standard user account to use most of the time, and save the Admin account for when it's truly needed such as when installing software or configuring the system. That would make your system more secure.

While User Account Control does not have a whitelist of trusted applications, you can ensure that chosen applications always run elevated even without seeing the UAC elevation prompt. To do so, use Windows Task Scheduler, as it can run tasks using stored user credentials. You can schedule a task to run with highest privileges using the administrator's credentials. The tasks can be set to run on a schedule, or triggered by events, or can be started manually via shortcuts.

The Windows Task Scheduler technique is discussed here:

To create a desktop shortcut to run ATI without seeing the UAC elevation prompt, you can use free utility UAC Pass. UAC Pass creates the Task Scheduler task for you, and delivers you a shortcut that will launch an application already elevated.

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I have tried the acronis cloud recovery and it is not letting me open a program essential for our business. Please help.  This has not happened before.  Merrilee loh

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Merrilee, welcome to these user forums but please use the option to create a New Topic and do this in the actual Forum for the version of Acronis True Image that you have, i.e. Acronis True Image 2017 Forum which you should be using if you have an Acronis Cloud subscription product.

More information will also be needed in order to try to help you - please give some background information on why you are trying to do an Acronis Cloud recovery operation, how you are trying to do this, what version of Windows you are using, how connected to the network and any other relevant information?

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Alright so I checked each individually and they all turned out fine except for the bottom one, which gives me this message: I even tried to do it through administrative cmd prompt and it still says it needs elevated mode. Any


Edit: here is my disk: 

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Bob, this is where you 'missing' post from your topic in the ATI 2019 forum disappeared to!