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I am so MAD at Acronis. I asked for it to remove the back up schedule, not the tib file!!!

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Hello I am so pissed because first of all I backed up the products fine but then the stupid thing would not back up from my external hard drive so I tried to remove the schedule and failed to realize without warning that deleting the back up in the program would delete on the hard drive! Is there any possible way to recover my stuff! For sure I am not sure if I want to use Acronis again if something so simple could be so destructive! I hope this was changed in the newer versions, I am not eligible for the upgrade. Is there seriously any possible way to get this back! As you can see it is smack dab in the log but there is nothing I can do about it! And I cannot even seem to contact tech support. Please acronis change this dire programming flaw!!! And at least warn users that it will delete it in the target not just the short cut schedule...



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Kyle, welcome to these User Forums.

Sorry to hear of your problem with accidentally deleting your backup file.  If you have not been using the drive where the file was deleted from - or have kept any use to a minimum, then it may be possible to recover your deleted file using one of the available recovery tools provided by other companies.

Give the Piriform Recuva program a try to see if this can bring back your deleted backup file.

You have not said which version of ATI you are using here, but from the log information it has to be from 2014 or earlier as the log function was removed from the GUI after that version.

In the later product versions there are clear warning messages asking the user what is to be deleted to avoid this type of mistake, so that only the task settings are deleted unless the user selects to delete everything related to the task.

There are some offers from Acronis at present to purchase the latest ATI 2018 product at up to 50% discount on the main website.