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I have finally grown out of True Image 2014 :(

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I went to make an image of my OS that was installed on an NVMe SSD, 

Low and behold the USB bootable media cannot detect the NVMe Western Digital SN750 SSD. 

I found another solution, by downloading the Western Digital OEM Limited build .33 and made a bootable media using a Sandisk Glide flash drive. which is acceptable for the OEM install and use, plus the WD SSD.

I will be upgrading to the latest version of Acronis True Image in the near future, maybe wait for 2020. 

I will miss the user interface of 2014, as it is very organized. I did not want to use the new UI. but with the new NVMe technology, I need the software to support it.

I have recommended ATI for years, as it has never let me down, and I use it quite frequently to back up my OS, and Music, and Video drives. 

Look forward to ATI 2020, Hope I can get a 3 PC deal sometime.


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NVMe M.2 drives were not available when ATI 2014 was the current version hence there is no support for the same - the same applies to other technologies that have arrived since that time and also to Windows 10 too!

NVMe M.2 drives also tend to be configured in RAID mode because of the performance benefits which then adds further requirements in the Acronis Rescue Media when wanting to either recover to these drives or make offline backups.  ATI 2018 & later started the migration away from the default Linux based rescue media by creating WinPE media based on the Windows Recovery Environment, which then will pick up RAID support via the Intel RST drivers installed on the system.

With regards to offers when ATI 2020 is released generally, keep an eye on the Acronis Current Promo KB document which publishes current and previous offers on their products.