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I prefer using rescue disk rather than windows version

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I have a perpetual license for Acronis Home 2012.

I have a standalone machine that I'd rather had as little as possible installed on it. In this; I did not install Acronis 2012 on this windows 7 platform.

However I'd like it backed up, so in using my Acronis 2012 rescue disk, I have just created a backup of my system (harddrive) and it appeared to be completely successful in doing so. I've 'explored' the backup and it looks fine, with all the folders and files where they should be.

So my question is; if/when I require to do a recovery of my system, I'll obviously use the Acronis rescue disk; will this restore OK? Will Acronis 'not mind' that it isn't actually installed on any of the partitions it's recovering?



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Robert, welcome to these public User Forums.

The whole purpose of the Acronis rescue media (for any version) is to allow for performing a 'bare-metal' recovery, i.e. recovering a backup image to a new disk drive with no previous data.

Your ATI 2012 should continue to work fine for Windows 7 as it is listed in the supported OS list for that version.  It is not likely to be any good with any more modern PC's using later versions of Windows, and with UEFI BIOS.