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I'm trying to use my ATIH 11 and it doesn't want to create a rescue media for me. It has with cd's-won't now with usb

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I've done many successful clonings, but I've always used a bootable media in the past. I don't have any cd's to use now though and tried a number of usb flash drive to make one to use, but none of them will work....something about won't load kernel.  Could my -seems to be working- software have a problem?  Any suggestions?  I've never done a backup/restore and am wanting to go from a 750 GB WD to a 1TB WD, but am not sure how to proceed...the 1TB drive is one big partition.

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Doug, welcome to these public User Forums.

ATI 11 is a very old version of the application that went unsupported more than 12 years back so may simply not support the hardware that you are trying to use it with.

What size of USB flash drive are you trying to use here?  This ideally should be either 1GB or 2GB for this age of product, but a maximum of 32GB regardless due to Microsoft limitations for USB boot media.

Do you have ATI 11 installed in Windows, and if so, what version of Windows do you have?  Only XP and Vista were ever supported for TI 11.