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Image of a Windows XP PC

Thread needs solution
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we have an old pc with a windows XP SP3 system running.

We wanted to backup this sytem and restore it to a newer hardware.

But acronis true image 2011 that we used, did not find the hdd in the new pc.

I think this version of true image is too old to find the new HDD controller.

So the question is: is there a solution to do the job with the old 2011 version or

which true image version is the newest that still support windows XP?

Best Regards

Jürgen Berger

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Jürgen, welcome to these public User Forums.

The most recent version of ATI that still lists XP SP3 as being supported was ATI 2019 but I would suspect that you will have more significant issues than the version of ATI when attempting to migrate an old Win XP installation to any new hardware platform.

I would strongly recommend checking whether the new hardware has any device drivers to support installing Windows XP as I suspect again that the minimum system requirements would be Windows 7 or later.

If keeping Windows XP is critical then you may want to try to find an older second user computer that does support XP to use for such migration.

The alternative here would be to convert the XP system to a virtual machine and run it as such on the new hardware from within a Windows 10 host system.

You can use such as the free StarWind V2V Converter for doing the above.