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Internet disconnect upon online backup start

Thread needs solution
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I have a mobile UMTS Internet connection, speed is about 10MBit/4MBit. Its much faster than my available DSL line. I have the problem, when I start a online backup, my internet connection always gets lost after some second of uploading. I think the problem is that there are too many connections created and thus my mobile connection gets terminated. Because reconnect takes about 2min, I cannot use this feature.
Is there a way, maybe a registry setting, to easen this upload problem.
Upload works fine and stable in other apps (utorrent, gmail etc..)

thanks for any help

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I am facing same issue.

Network down while acronis back up running.

When I stop back up process in all systems,the network running smoothly.

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Abraham, sorry but you have posted in a topic that dates back to the year 2012.

What version of Acronis True Image are you using?

Please open a new forum topic in the appropriate forum for your version of ATI and provide more information on what exactly you are doing, what type of connection being used etc?