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Issue with restore from Non Stop Backup in TI 2013

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We have been having an issue with restoring from a Non Stop Backup set.  True Image 2013 shows the time points, we can select one and see the directories that were backed up.  However, when we try to restore, all we get is empty directories.

We did contact Acronis support, and the discussion with them has been going on for at least a month at this point.  Their urgent recommendation was to try restoring with True Image 2016, which we found problematic because:

1) The backup was made with True Image 2013, so why should we have to pay Acronis more money just to recover our data?

2) As it turns out, True Image 2016 wouldn't even see the Non Stop Backup properly, i.e. it doesn't show the timepoints like True Image 2013 does.

I know others have had this issue and posted in this forum; I'm wondering if anyone got an acceptable solution from Acronis for this issue?

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Welcome to these User Forums.

What version of Windows OS are you running here along with ATI 2013?

Have you tried to do a Validation of your NonStop Backup data?

If Validation is successful, to indicate no issues with the data, then I would suggest trying a Repair Install of ATI 2013.  To do this, sign in to your Acronis Account and download the final full installer program for ATI 2013 and install this 'over the top of' your current software (without uninstalling).