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Lost usb for acronis 2014

Thread needs solution
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I have a broblem and i want your help please.

I have a cd with acronis 2014 buck up,but i lost the usb to start my pc with program...can i do a new one from cd?

The program make me a friend,but goes to other country an i lost him..

Thank you very mutch!

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I would recommend taking a 30-day Trial of ATI 2020 and try using that to restore your ATI 2014 backup image.

See KB 2768: Trial version limitations of Acronis products for what can / can't be done with trial software.

You would need to register for the trial software which would then allow you to download an ISO image for the Acronis Rescue media that you can then burn to a CD.

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Thank you,today finaly i find the usb...