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MBR Error 1

Thread needs solution
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I started a disc clone using Acronis full version 12 using a connected USB Hard asked for a reboot, after reboot it gave me a MBR Error 3, MBR Error 2 and MBR Error 1. I used a Windows 7 repair cd did a FixMBR FixBoot it still doesnt work.. Any ideas?

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YOu do not indicated which version of Windows.

Before doing anything more, I would check ALL partitions of the source disk for disk errors.
If the source disk has non-lettered partitions, the temporarily assign a drive letter to it and check it for errors--same as the other partitions.

In most situations, the preferred procedure is to
1. Remove the old disk and install the new disk in the same connectors. The source disk attached elsewhere--perhaps via usb.
2. Boot from the user created TI Recovery CD.
3. Use the tools menu "add new disk" option.
4. Perform the clone or restore,
5. Shutdown and detach any extra drives.
6. Reboot with only the new cloned disk attached.
7. You may still need the user created Window 7 Recovery CD and run the Startup Repair multiple times in order to get your system to boot.