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MBR Error 3 & 1

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I was attempting to clone my laptops HDD to an SSD. I followed the script, which requested a reboot, and ended up with a bricked HDD. When attempting to start the laptop I get a couple of "MBR Error 3" lines and then an "MBR Error 1 . . . . press any key to boot from floppy." If I have to re-image this laptop, it is going to be a real mess getting my corporate image. Anyone have an idea how to fix this mess? I guess I need something to repair the MBR.

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Presuming you use Windows, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for repairing MBR for the appropriate version of Windows you are running. This should provide you with an appropriate solution.

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You probably have started the cloning operation from Windows, and you should not. You can simply redo the clone from the Acronis recovery CD, or, better, do a backup and restore (the latter option has the benefit of reducing errors that could damage the *source* disk).