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MBR error 3 with windows 7

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I have TI 2012 build 7119 that I was using on a laptop with windows XP, did periodic clone disk operations to a back up hard drive. Everything worked great with XP. The laptop was upgraded to windows 7 and now get the MBR error 3 when trying to do a clone disk operation. Reading thru various forums it appears that this is a known problem with win 7 and the fix maybe to activate ASRM and press F11 and bootup. My question is: what does pressing F11 at bootup going to do? I just want to keep doing periodic clone disk operations to the back up hard drive. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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Pressing F11 after you have activating the ASRM will launch ATI in a pre-Windows environment. That's all. YOu can shutdown the computer at any time. Activating the deactivating the ASRM might solve the MBR error 3 pb. If you can, avoid using the ASRM and rely on the recovery CD.

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Pat: Thanks for your response. Is there going to be a fix for the MBR error 3 problem when running windows 7? If not can you give me the steps I now need to take to do a clone disk operation. Thanks again

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Clone should be used only by advanced users who know what they are doing. It is riskier and can result in a loss of data and a failed system. Create a full disk mode backup and restore it, using the bootable Rescue Media, to the new disk, as it's far safer.