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MyBackup.tib file shown as fragmented, why?

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In Windows Disk Defragmenter, ( Acronis ) tib file is shown as red, fragmented files.
I defragmented that disk partition before making system backup from C partition.
C partition also Defragmented before making system backup.

Is it safe to use Windows Disk Defragmenter in disk partition where tib file is?

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They can be defragmented. Acronis .tib files are just files although they are often much larger than files normally encountered.

I wouldn't bother defragging the tib files because they are often rarely, if ever, accessed unlike some Windows files that are accessed very frequently. There is little point in saving a possible few seconds of access time when doing an operation that typically takes several minutes at least.

Any operation that requires reading and re-writing disk information can have a failure in the process. If even 1 bit of a tib file is mis-handled the archive will be declared corrupt by TI.

It isn't worth the risk or the bother IMO.