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NAS not recognized by ATIH2011, despite being recognized by ATIH 2014 and 2016

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During my move away from backups to a drive letter mapped NAS I took out my older small laptop (A) Win7 with ATIH 2011 which I take sometimes with me on holiday trips. I tried to create a new backup to a NAS in my home network. Previously I made backup to drive letter mapped NASes.

This NAS is seen by
- my desktop (B) Windows 7 explorer and the ATIH 2014 on it,
- my newer laptop (C) Windows10 explorer and the ATIH 2016 on it,
- my old laptop (A) Windows 7 explorer, I can also insert the NAS with the IP-addess in "network"

The NAS is not seen by ATIH 2011 on the old laptop (A)
ATIH on it can see the 3 computers in the net at this moment - my desktop (B), my wife's laptop (D) and itself (A).

What can I do to make ATIH 2011 on (A) to see my NAS which is seen by others?

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Franz, sorry but in all honesty, ATIH 2011 is a very old product and is probably lacking in support for more modern network devices and possibly the protocols involved.