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Need help with restoring the computer.

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Hello everyone!
So yesterday, my windows files decided to brake, and that made me deleteding  everything, and reinstalling windows. Before doing it, I backed my drived up with Acronis true image version 2010. I loved this program, it always worked, but whenI had to reinstall the windows, I could not download this version again, windows just said that I can't install it. I had too many programs that I need, and doing it manually not going to work. Is there any way I can restore the whole computer with the file that I have? 

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Hello Mark,

welcome to Acronis forums! Could you please provide us with some more details on the issue - what is the OS involved? What error message is shown upon the installation attempt?

As a workaround, you may want trying to recover under a bootable media, which does not require installation of the product into OS