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New Intel network-adapter not supportet yet

Thread needs solution
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I upgraded my system to a new Sandy Bridge with Intel mainboard DP67BG, which is using the new Intel network adapter 82579V. The rescue media of my TrueImage2010 doesn't support it, so I installed the trial of the actual 2011 version (Build 6696). But my network adapter is still not supported.
Can somebody say, when it will be supported?
Thank you.

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I had a somewhat similar experience with an Asus P8H67-M EVO motherboard. TI 2010 boot disc didn't work. Although the TI 2011 boot disc did recognize all my drives and network card it was terribly slow doing a restore (7 - 8 hours for 75 GB) since it wanted to do it sector by sector. I suspect it was due to the new hardware and barely functional driver support.

A WinPE boot disc did not find my network card either so I ended up creating a BartPE boot disc and inserted drivers for my network card (Realtek) into it. This is pretty straightforward - just need to follow along the instructions from both Acronis and the BartPE site. Everything works fantastic now. I did a 50 GB restore of my c: partition in 15 minutes from a network drive.

Maybe this is an option of you, too. The only drawback is that you probably have to buy the full version. Alternately you could use your 2010 version and download the BartPE stuff from your account and build a BartPE with a TI 2010 plug-in to see if that works.

Good luck.

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Acronis needs to include the Plus Pack WinPE ISO Builder with the base product IMHO. I've had nothing but trouble with the Linux based Recovery ISO's they provide. Missing drivers, failure to boot on many systems, etc.

The WinPE simply works and you can easily add the device drivers you need to support the platforms you have. And it's not difficult to do at all since the Windows AIK 3.0 is freely downloadable from Microsoft.

Just my .02.

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Thank you for that WinPE idea. I will google for more informations about this.
Can you recommend a good website with a step-by-step instruction?

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Here is a good generalized process for creating a boot disk customizing WinPE.

This set of instructions uses the X86 (32 bit WinPE) environment which is fine since Acronis is not a 64-bit app. For Acronis there are some changes to this process:

  1. Assuming you only need to add device drivers to the base WinPE.wim, you can skip steps 5 & 7.
  2. For step 6, you will first want to download any drivers you need and copy all the needed driver and .inf files into a folder on your PC before performing step 6.
  3. Do not perform step 10; Instead, you want to run the Acronis WinPE ISO builder that comes on the PlusPack. You will point it to the \winpe_x86\ISO directory that holds the newly customized WinPE with your drivers installed. This will create the final .ISO file with Acronis installed.
  4. Finally use your favorite ISO burner (Nero, ImgBurn, etc.) to create the boot CD / DVD. I particularly like ImgBurn... Its free and has never failed. Google ImgBurn.
Optional (If you want to boot the Acronis ISO file from a USB stick):
If you want to boot the Acronis ISO file from a USB stick, you can use the freeware program RMPrepUSB to format your USB stick. Download and install RMPrepUSB.
  1. In RMPrepUSB format (Prepare Drive) your usb stick using the FAT32 format and  check the "MS-DOS bootable" and "Boot as HDD" options).
  2. After formatting the stick, use the "Install grub4dos" button in RMPrepUSB to set up the MBR and copy the grldr file to the stick.
  3. Copy the .iso file you created to the USB stick.... Assume its called "Acronis.iso"
  4. You should see only your Acronis.iso and grldr files in the root directory of the stick.
  5. Use a text editor (like notepad) to create a file called "menu.lst" in the root directory. Add the following lines to the menu.lst file:
title Acronis TrueImage Home 2011 Recovery System
find --set-root /Acronis.iso
map /Acronis.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)
chainloader (hd32)

6.  Safely eject your stick.
7.  Set your BIOS options to allow boot from USB-HDD
8.  Insert your new usb stick and reboot.

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Thank you!

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Yes, thank you James. I made a WinPE disc with my Realtek drivers in no time at all with your instructions. It booted right up and I can access my network now no problem.

One little tip that I discovered: the path to your drivers folder cannot have any spaces in it or you will get an error. I had my drivers in a folder under 'My Documents' and it choked on the space after 'My'. I moved them to C:\winpe_x86\realtek_drivers\ and all was well after that.

I now have 3 boot discs. The Linux version made from TI itself, the WinPE disc, and the BartPE disc. In terms of boot up speed the Linux version is the fastest, the WinPE is next, and the BartPE a distant 3rd. Once inside True Image itself they all function basically the same except that the Linux version taps into your backup data and presents you with a list right off the bat of available backups. With WinPE and BartPE you have to browse for them.

Thanks again!

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Glad it worked out. I made a bootable USB stick version of WinPE today, and it boots much faster than even the Linux based CD/DVD. I had to resort to WinPE because the Linux version in TIH 2011 will not load on my hardware. It just goes off into LALA land and then the machine reboots. I trust the WinPE version since TIH is basically a Win32 app to start with, so I prefer the recovery CD version to run the same way.

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Note: The article link is no longer good. The article has either been removed or replaced, but that link just leads to their main 'tech' page.

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1506: Working with Acronis True Image Plug-In for BartPE

1749: Creating WinPE ISO with Acronis True Image

9892: HOW TO BUILD A WinPE 3.0 Bootable Media with UK Keyboard, UK Location & UK Language using Windows AIK and Plus Pack

9449: An attempt at a tutorial for creation of WinPE bootable media using Acronis WinPE ISO Builder from Plus Pack

Some possible links for your missing reference from the above posting of