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NeweEgg Offer

Thread needs solution
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Acronis True Image 2013 - OEM Software for $20 + free shipping
+ Free 8GB USB w/ purchase
Use Promo code: EMCXVVW57

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That is a great deal, and it works. You will have no support options from Acronis (since this is an OEM system builder version), including restore/recovery support. You basically agree to support the product yourself when you install an OEM version. If you are a system builder, and install/include this version (OEM System Builder), you are responsible for providing support to the recipient(s) of the system(s) you build and sell.

You can still post support questions here on the user-to-user based Forums.

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Acronis has a special offer going up thru the Feb28. If you are an owner of 1 copy of 2013, you can buy a 2nd copy for $9.99